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A major player in interior decoration, tiling makes us see it in all colors, shapes and styles. Even fashion designers have taken to it ! Details review.

Gone are the days when he was just the poor relation in the world of decoration. The tiles see the floor in a big way, it imitates wood, concrete and stone, it invites itself on the walls and even appeals to stylists who have fun decorating it. The tiles are at your feet !

To have delusions of grandeur !

There are few reserved for living rooms alone, large, even very large, tiles are making their way into kitchens and bedrooms. Design and chic, they offer volume and create an impression of space. Square or rectangular, they adapt to all interior fittings. If their dimensions can go up to 150 cm x 150 cm, or 150 cm x 300 cm, their thickness, conversely, becomes more and more fine, showing 6 small millimeters.
What is the advantage of these XXL tiles ? They limit the number of joints, 2 mm joints, the same color as the tiles. So almost total discretion for a practically smooth surface.


In the game of imitations…

You like the authenticity of wooden floor or terracotta, the traditional side of cement tiles, the class of marble. These larger-than-life porcelain stoneware tiles mimic them all to perfection. Available in an infinite number of models, they only have advantages ! Solid, easy to maintain, resistant to cleaning products and non-slip, they adapt very well to underfloor heating and offer you, in addition, a gentle sensation of heat.


Inside, outside, one and the same tiles

abolish the border between inside and outside, this is the desired effect. An increasingly popular option, regardless of the type of tile chosen. Classic tiles, large formats or wood imitation (or others), the floor opens the house onto the garden or the terrace. (Aesthetically perfect, this solution should not forget the practicality; indoors, as outdoors, it is better to choose non-slip tiles.) Manufacturers have anticipated and offer, for the same model, different degrees, depending on whether it will be installed in a living room, a terrace or at the edge of a swimming pool.


From the ground to the ceiling

In bathrooms and toilets, where humidity and water remain present, tiling stands out as the material that combines all requirements, both aesthetic and technical. Used on the floor as well as on the wall, porcelain stoneware tiles overcome difficulties and prejudices. You like large formats but you hesitate to put them in a small room ? N’hésitez plus ! Thanks to slim joints in the same color as your tiles, the effect of homogeneity and unity is guaranteed. You can also, from tiles from the same collection, opt for different formats, favoring the square on the floor and the rectangular on the wall.
Still anecdotal – but for how long ? – the appearance of tiled headboards proves that with a little imagination and daring, the tile colonizes all the spaces of the house, even the most unexpected.

Designer tiles

The world of fashion, art and design can be found even on the tiles.

Another style with Diesel for Iris Ceramica. Its 5 collections (Concrete, Industrial Glass, Camp, Stage and Hard Leather) recall industrial design and the loft spirit.


Carrelages Tonino Lamborghini presents a unique collection of Lamborghini tiles : large square, rectangular or hexagonal terracotta formats, always large, these slightly masculine creations fit into very contemporary interiors as well as more classic ones.


With Bits and Pieces, Ceramiche Piemme won the ADI Ceramics Design Award at Cersaie 2016. This collection, signed Gordon Guillaumier, is based on a concept of great originality. The designer shaped it by playing with waste materials, recreating unexpected textures and patterns. It combines innovation, the ancient art of decoration and contemporary design with certain success.


Finally, Pecchioli, renowned for his know-how and great artistic sense, invites you to compose real paintings from his terracotta tiles with decorations.



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