How to choose your tiles ?

– Large formats enlarge the space.
– Light shades make rooms bigger.
– On a wall, a frieze in the last row lowers the ceiling.
– On a wall, to widen a room, the tile is laid horizontally.
– For a rustic atmosphere, the joint will be wide

How many tiles to order ?

To answer this question, you must :

  • Know the dimensions of the surface to be tiled.
  • Have established an installation plan.

It is advisable to order a quantity of 10 to 20% more than the surface to be tiled.
What is porcelain stoneware ?
It is a very compact material, therefore hard and very resistant.
It is widely used for tiling floors, terraces and balconies

What is a tone ?

It is the chromatic nuance that characterizes a tile production.

It is not industrially possible to obtain tiles of the same chromatic shade from one manufacture to another.

The tone of manufacture is indicated on the packaging of the tile next to the gauge.

What is a caliber ?

Due to their manufacturing technology, the tiles coming out of the oven can be of different dimensions and therefore of different gauges.

The caliber is indicated on the tile packaging next to the tone.

Qu'est ce qu'un calibre ?

En raison de leur technologie de fabrication, les carreaux sortant du four peuvent être de dimensions différentes et donc de calibres différents.
Le calibre est indiqué sur l’emballage du carreau à côté de la tonalité.

What is the UPEC classification ?

Tiling is a natural, hygienic and antiallergic product, easy to clean and very durable. Thanks to the UPEC classification, you know if the tiles are suitable for the type of room considered.

It is based on 4 criteria symbolized by 4 letters:

U = resistance to wear.

P = resistance to puncturing due to fixed or mobile furniture.

E = water resistance.

C = resistance to cleaning chemicals.


There are three types of wine cellars. You will find them all at Home Store :

The aging cellars

They reproduce the “climatic conditions” of a real natural cellar (temperature between 10 and 14 ° C, humidity between 50 and 80%, darkness, absence of vibrations). They are intended for aging wines “to keep”, for a medium or long term tasting, at the best of their maturity.

Conservation cellars

They make it possible to maintain the wines at a constant temperature (between 10 and 14 ° C) and to keep them in ideal conditions for a short-term tasting.

Service (or temperature) cellars

They bring the wine to its ideal serving temperature, for immediate tasting. There are “single temperature” cellars in which you only put one type of wine (eg: between 14 and 18 ° C for a red wine) and “multi-temperature” cellars where the temperature differs according to the height: at the bottom, you can put your Champagnes and white wines while at the top you will place your red wines.

Our advisers will be happy to help you in your choice. Don’t hesitate to tell them about your needs


What capacity for a washing machine ?

The choice of a washing machine is made mainly according to your habits and the number of people in the household. Usually between 5 and 12 kg and up to 15 kg, it is considered that a capacity of 8 kg will be suitable for a family of 3 to 4 people.

Choosing the right drum will save you energy.

What type of washing machine to choose ?

There are two types of washing machines which differ in their loading mode : the top and the front.

The top washing machine allows loading from the top of the machine. They are ideal for small spaces, as they are generally 40 to 45 cm wide and 60 cm deep.

The front washing machine or door washing machine offers loading from the front. It has the advantage of being able to be placed under a countertop. With a width of at least 60 cm, it has a greater loading capacity than the top washing machine.

Your choice between these two types of washing machine will therefore mainly depend on the space you have available.

Posable or built-in ?

As with a dishwasher or a refrigerator, there are different possibilities so that your washing machine fits perfectly into your kitchen or bathroom.

A freestanding washing machine is usually the type of machine most often found in homes. You can place it anywhere you want, as long as you can connect your machine to the water. It can also be positioned under a countertop, if the counter offers loading from the front.

The built-in washing machine is designed to be built-in under a worktop. When taking measurements, allow a small margin so that you can easily insert your washing machine.

For integrated washing machines, they have the advantage of being able to blend completely into the middle of your furniture. A front made of the same material as your other kitchen or bathroom furniture will allow your washing machine to match your decoration. Taking measurements is again an important point. Make sure you leave enough space for your machine but also for opening the door.

Why is the spin speed important ?

A good spin reduces the natural drying time or in the tumble dryer. The higher the spin speed, the shorter the drying time.

Contrary to popular belief, the spin cycle does not damage the fabrics. You should not therefore fear too high a speed. However, remember to check the label of your clothes, as spinning some textiles is not recommended.

Good spinning is observed from 1,200 to 1,400 rpm.

What programs are there ?

There are a multitude of washing programs on the market, some of which may be essential when choosing your machine.

Below are the most frequent programs :

– “Delayed start” option : to operate the appliance during off-peak periods and to save electricity.

– “Short” program : it allows rapid washing (between 15 and 30 min), ideal for lightly soiled laundry.

– “Delicate” program : for washing delicate textiles such as silk and lingerie.

– “Wool” program : specifically designed to take care of your woolens.

– “Jeans” program : to preserve jeans colors and materials.

– “Sheer” program : allows a cold pre-rinse to remove dust residues, on your curtains for example.

– “Sportswear” program : designed for synthetic materials in sportswear.

– “Shirt” program : to avoid wrinkles as much as possible on the shirts for easy ironing.

– “Steam” function : steam washing preserves the fibers of the textiles but also deep cleans the fabrics. It also provides a real smoothing power.

Classic washing machine or dryer, what to choose?

While the washer-dryer combines two machines in one and saves a lot of space, there are a few features to consider.

The drying capacity is not the same as that used for washing. You will therefore have to dry your laundry twice. A washer-dryer also requires the consumption of water to dry.

A steam option exists on this type of machine, which helps with smoothing and then facilitates ironing.

This choice must be adapted to the needs of the household and take into account the various economic and energy aspects.


You want to buy a new coffee machine and you are unsure of the choice of model, options, size? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Options, which ones ?

– Automatic shutdown when starting a coffee is also a very practical option. You can set the amount of coffee you want according to the size of your cups or your desires.

– A water filter will purify the water in your coffee by removing all traces of chlorine, limestone or heavy metals.

– A steam nozzle and a milk container will allow you to make your cappuccino or latte macchiato very easily.

– Some coffee machines have cup heating trays, which allow the cups of coffee to be kept at a certain temperature to prevent them from cooling down.

– Automatic descaling, the machine purges itself automatically and descales itself.

Filter, piston, Italian, pod, or grinder ?

Italian coffee maker :

Using an Italian coffee maker properly allows you to obtain quality coffee. Its use is very simple. Separated into two distinct parts, the Italian coffee maker consists of a filter in which we place the ground coffee, and a lower part where we add water. When the lower part heats up, the water with the pressure and the heat will rise, mixing with the ground coffee. Once this procedure is complete, your coffee is ready to be served.

You will find two types of Italian coffee makers, aluminum and stainless steel. Those in stainless steel can be used on induction hobs, unlike those in aluminum. They are available in all sizes : for one to ten cups.

Pod machines :

Capsule machines are the most common on the market. They are easy to use and make great coffee.

Some of these machines offer the possibility of making other hot drinks such as tea or even milk chocolate.

Pod machines are similar to capsule espresso machines. The coffee is already dosed according to the machine and the desired coffee dose (ristretto, long, etc.).

This type of machine cannot make coffee in large quantities. Pod machines are ideal for espresso consumers who want a small cup of coffee in the morning or after a meal. The pods remain in terms of price, more expensive than ground or bean coffee.

Espresso machines combined coffee maker :

A combined coffee maker espresso machine is a machine that combines classic espresso machine and filter coffee maker. This machine is therefore suitable for people who want to brew a large amount of coffee in the morning for the whole family and enjoy an espresso later in the day.

Percolator / machine with grain mill :

This type of machine will give you the closest you can get to an espresso machine. The advantage of percolators and machines with a bean mill is the fact that you can choose your coffee and its aromas directly from the roaster.

These are very easy to use. Although the purchase price is higher than a capsule or filter espresso machine, coffee is much cheaper in the long run.

If you are a coffee lover and like to taste it while savoring all the aromas, a machine with a bean mill is recommended.

How important is the pressure ?

When buying a coffee machine, it is important to take into account the desired pressure in order to obtain a more or less full-bodied and tasty coffee. Usually, classic espresso machines come in 15 and 19 bars and deliver great tasting coffee. The more bars there are, the stronger the coffee you get.


The refrigerator is an essential part of a kitchen. There are different kinds of refrigerators to suit the needs of households.

Freezer, what to do ?

It is important to estimate the storage capacity that you want to have when buying a refrigerator or freezer. This should be tailored to your needs and consumption.

Indeed, a refrigerator with a freezer at the top offers more storage capacity in the refrigerator space. In other words, a combination with a bottom freezer offers more storage capacity for frozen products.

What type of refrigerator to choose ?

Handset : Handsets are made up of two separate parts, with two different doors. A lower part for freezing and an upper part for refrigeration.

Top : “top” or otherwise called “double-door” refrigerators differ from combined units by having the freezer section at the top.

American Refrigerators : Larger than the combined, the American refrigerator has two spaces next to each other : one for freezing, one for refrigeration.

Usually, an American fridge has a dispenser for water, crushed ice and ice cubes. It will therefore be necessary to provide a direct connection to the water.

Multi-door : this type of refrigerator is suitable for large families. Offering more space than most handsets, the multi-door has a freezer section with one or two drawers, as well as a refrigerator space.

“One-door” refrigerators : these devices have a simple refrigeration space. There is also a freezer space called a “freezer”. The number of stars must be taken into account (for example, a 2 star does not keep frozen products for long). This type of refrigerator is suitable for people with a separate freezer.

There are also table-tops, ideal for small spaces and small kitchens. The table-top is a one-door refrigerator, sometimes having a freezer that can fit directly under a worktop, depending on the model. Ideal for student accommodation and studios.

Freestanding or built-in, that is the question

There are a large number of models, colors and materials available today for a refrigerator that best suits your needs.

Built-in refrigerators are ideal for decorating a kitchen. When buying a built-in refrigerator, you should remember to keep a ventilation space on the sides and at the back. The same is true for freestanding refrigerators so that the heat emanating from the appliance can easily escape.

Ventilated cold or called No Frost : cold air is diffused throughout the refrigerator. This dry air prevents the formation of frost inside the refrigerator.

Cold stirred : cold air is stirred at the back of the refrigerator by a fan. Thus, the temperature is continuously homogeneous. Your fresh food will thus be better preserved.

Static cold : here the air circulates freely in the refrigerator. However, temperature zones are created. For example, for the top space, if the refrigerator does not have a freezer, it will be warmer than the bottom. It will therefore be necessary to think about positioning the food correctly.


Colors and shades of tints

Each floorboard is unique because it is subject to the vagaries of nature : variation in color, size and number of knots, irregularity of the wood  grain etc. All woods tend to patina in the light. Shades of color fade over time. These are all natural phenomena which mean that the tints, colors, structures and knots of the ordered parquet floors may show significant variations with the parquet floors presented.

Parquets : know the basics

There are three main types of parquet. You will find them all at Home Store :

Engineered parquet :

It is made up of three layers of thickness. The top layer of noble wood (European or exotic) also called “facing” receives the finish. Underneath is a layer of high density chipboard or engineered wood. The backing is composed of unrolled wood (pine for example) which provides stability to the whole. Engineered parquet can adapt to many types of rooms and its lifespan varies between 50 and 70 years depending on the maintenance. In addition, it allows for original and very aesthetic designs. Due to all the qualities with which it is endowed, engineered parquet is the most requested in France and in Europe.

Solid parquet :

It is the traditional parquet, the solid wood structure is made of a single species of wood, which is what makes it so natural.

Laminate coverings:

Laminate flooring looks like parquet. They consist of several layers including a medium or other chipboard support base, a decoration and then a protective and wear layer. Very easy to install with a self-locking system or with grooves, the laminate covering is meeting more and more success. Its cost remains the most reasonable.


Are the doors custom-made ?

With the exception of a few hinged doors, all of our doors are made to measure.

On most models, you can even personalize your doors by mixing materials and colors. Wood or wicker veneer, glass, mirror, lacquered glass, leather …

Let your imagination be your guide !

What are the opening systems ?

– Folding doors : mounted on rails and compact, they are particularly suitable for small widths.

– Revolving doors : they are similar to swing doors, but are mounted on pivots. Unlike swing doors, they can be made without cupboards.

– Sliding doors : mounted on rails, they take up little space when opening and offer a wide choice of decorations and finishes.

– Hinged doors : positioned on modules via invisible hinges, they offer maximum accessibility and vision of the closet.

What dimensions are achievable ?

Almost all dimensions are achievable. Some opening systems will be more suited to situations or measures, for example sliding doors for crawling volumes under the roof.

Can we remove the bottom rail ?

On some sliding door models, the bottom track can actually be omitted. The doors are then suspended from the ceiling, freeing up the entire lower space of the closet. These doors are also compatible for a room separation.

Are there any doors with soft close ?

Yes, on some sliding and swing door models.

In addition to the high quality effect of this system, the soft closing prevents the impact of the profiles and thus improves the lifespan of your closet doors.

What place does the opening system take ?

This of course depends on the chosen system :

– swing doors are the ones that take up the least space (in fact just the thickness of the door), but they require sufficient backing space to open them.

– sliding doors do not require any setback but the rails will occupy about 8 cm in width, which should be deducted from the total depth of your closet.


What are the different styles ?

– Classic : With gendarme’s hat or straight ties.

– Rustic : Bastide or country type.

– Contemporary : Design lines and many current patterns.

– Invisible : The door is fully integrated into the partition, only the handle appears.

What are the types of installation ?

– Traditional : the door is sealed in the walls or partitions.

– Renovation : the door is attached to the old frame. This pose causes a slight loss of passage dimension.

– End of work : the doors are placed on “pre-frames” at the end of the work. This installation avoids soiling and damage due to the construction site.

What are the materials used ?

– Wood : it is one of the best materials: multitude of species, aesthetics, acoustic and thermal insulation.

– Synthetic coating : the doors are covered with a “high finish” coating which offers a surprising choice (colors and materials, especially wood).

– Medium panels : more economical, they are pre-painted or lacquered (mat, satin or gloss).

What are the types of opening ?

– Opening “à la française” : classic opening, by pushing or pulling.

– Folding in 2 parts : it is the ideal system for confined spaces, such as WCs.

– Sliding : the door slides along the wall or inside it, which allows you to save space.

What are the possible finishes and shapes ?

– The finishes : raw, pre-painted, tinted, varnished, patinated, antique patina, …

– Shapes : all the doors are of course rectangular, but Home Store offers doors whose relief forms an “S”.

What innovative elements does Home Store offer ?

– Magnetic lock : allows a very soft closing of the door.

– Hidden pivots : offers perfect aesthetics (only with “End of work” installation).

– Invisible track : sliding door suspended from an invisible track, without floor track.

– Installation in line with the wall : some doors can be installed flush with the partition, by pushing or pulling.

– Finishing kits : for certain sliding door models, we offer, for example, joint covers to match the doors.

– Opening : possibility on some doors to receive an identical aesthetic whether the door is pushed or pulled.

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