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Whether the atmosphere is Zen, urban, loft or design… Attention to detail is highly applied to each corner of your interiors. Bring your home to life with an amazing decoration.

Large or small rooms, decoration is the final and essential step so that your interior only looks like you : Home Store offers you limitless decorating ideas.

Discover all our products to make your daughter’s bedroom, the princess bedroom. Your hallway is the beginning of your own atmosphere with your wall decorations.

Bedrooms, kitchen, living room… Customize each location, bring your rooms to life at your own pace, give it the tone that suits you so that each moment becomes unique.

Be sure to find your happiness. Customize, decorate and accessorize as you wish.

At Home Store, a wide choice awaits you : Pomax, Vivaraise, Pôdevache, Idaho, Sitap, Hoopzï, Flam&Luce there is no shortage of decorative combinations. Come and create your own universe,  mix styles or stay classic and build your interior with taste.

Official reseller of Iki, Buddha Pop products.



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Wooden wall concept
5 November 20200
Wooden wall concept
Do you want to dress your walls in the most beautiful way ? Do you want to give a natural, authentic touch to your interiors ? Wood is the way you need it ! Because it can create warm atmospheres and it fits perfectly in addition to other materials, opt for the trend of wall wood. Panaget offers a large collection "Le Concept Bois Mural" which will satisfy your desires for changes, depending on your decoration, we will offer you the best solution according to your desires. Discover the Panaget products in your Home Store in Cannes la Bocca.
Our tips for a successful wall of frames
28 October 20200
Our tips for a successful wall of frames
In 2020, our walls will be dressed not with one, but with several pretty frames. Before you start buying or even installing them, it is necessary to choose the wall on which you want to create your composition of decorative frames and photos. Try to avoid walls that are too narrow because your decor may seem overloaded. Instead, bet on large bright spaces or rooms with high ceilings to create an original wall decoration.
Beige as an interior decoration
28 October 20200
Beige as an interior decoration
If you are a fan of sober decoration, you can avoid the "hospital" spirit of white by using beige. Less cold than white and softer than gray, restful, relaxing and luminous, beige is a color particularly used in the field of decoration and which has been talked about again for some time. This shade comes originally from the natural color of wool and has many shades ranging from "false whites" to light browns. It also allows to bring relief to a room by creating a contrast, subtle or pronounced between the walls, the woodwork or the moldings.

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