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What if by taking care of yourself, you become eco-responsible? Today, looking after one’s health and protecting the planet go hand in hand. At Home Store, we are continuing our good resolutions from the start of the year by presenting you today with products that wish you good. From 100% natural to 100% recycled product, we are not done taking care of you and our planet…

Our 100% natural utensils for healthy cooking

Many studies show us today : what we eat has a direct impact on our health. Also, when we use some cooking utensils, we sometimes forget that they can alter the quality of our food. It is not only cosmetics and food that tend towards 100% naturalness. Many products are starting to emerge to respond to this new art of living: eco-responsible well-being. So cooking organic, local and seasonal is good, but with natural utensils it’s better! At Home Store, 100% natural is also a must in utensils and accessories.

Naturally healthy pans

You will easily be tempted by a pan with a non-stick coating, but did you know that this type of pan is only intended for gentle cooking? At high temperature, when cooking your meats for example, the coating cooks in the same way as your food and thus loses its non-stick properties. Some coatings can even produce toxic fumes at elevated temperatures. Something to be afraid of … Don’t worry about the toxicity of your stoves. Zoom on two specialists in natural cooking !

The manufacturer DE BUYER offers the sheet steel collection Mineral B Element : a 100% natural mineral material. No coating needed for these pans : they are equipped with a protective finish with organic beeswax that allows cooking at high temperatures to sear your food without spoiling it. The ideal utensil for searing, browning and grilling your meals like a pro.

Mauviel also offers a range of authentic and ecological iron stoves. They cook perfectly once the base is well seasoned, hence the expression « c’est dans les vieux pots qu’on fait la meilleure soupe ».


The advantage for you ? Healthy and hygienic stoves that do not oxidize. Versatile, you can sear, simmer or braise without fat. By way of comparison, these stoves have everything that our grandparents used, combining robustness and quality of cooking and in an almost indestructible material.

Brands committed to natural cuisine

It’s not just about utensils : all kitchen equipment is 100% natural. There are no small gestures and starting by equipping yourself can be a first step towards going green! Beyond the natural character of the products, the aesthetic side is nonetheless forgotten; accessories and utensils will seduce you as much by their curves as by their ecological characteristics. Home Store presents three brands that are as beautiful as they are responsible and innovative.

  • Totally Bambou : Faced with the global scale of deforestation, Totally Bamboo is the first brand to have found a sustainable solution in bamboo for the manufacture of kitchen accessories: cutting board, salad bowl, plate, breadboards, etc. Bamboo, this inexhaustible resource that never stops growing once cut also has hygienic and practical properties. Dense and strong, it resists knife marks better than any other wood. A sustainable, economical and ecological solution that will also seduce you in your daily life.
  • DM Création : this brand of culinary accessories has also specialized in the creation of bamboo articles since 2004. Always in a spirit of sustainable development, DM Création offers quality articles made from the heart of bamboo. By choosing innovation in Research and Development since 2010, the brand offers products that are ever more beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. As the Chan proverb of the Chinese Buddhist school said “easy to cut, impossible to break !” and it is not bamboo wood that will prove you wrong !
  • Full Circle : We fell in love with this fresh and intelligent brand that combines durability, design and functionality for all your kitchen utensils. The brand aims to help people adopt a more conscientious lifestyle with the lowest possible ecological impact. For this, the Full Circle teams create healthy products with materials carefully selected for their durability, while taking care to use as little energy as possible and to minimize the use of chemicals that are harmful or promote the greenhouse effect. But above all, Full Circle refuses the compromise between design and ecology and develops products as beautiful as they are clean.
The perfect alliance between “recycle” and “decorate”

Responsible right up to your doorstep ? Home Store presents a wide range of Hamat Eco Master doormats in store. The recycled rubber mat is a good way to give old tires a second life but also to work for a clean environment. In addition to being ecological, Eco Master doormats are also aesthetic and there is something for everyone! Consuming differently becomes possible even in your decoration !


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