KitchenEquipped kitchen: create the layout that suits you!

Ready-made and designer kitchens, you will find them everywhere. But have you ever thought about designing a kitchen that looks like you? Free your desire for personalization and assume your difference!

Home Store provides you with quality products and the catalog of major brands to create the fitted kitchen of your dreams. Whether your idea is completely offbeat, classic with a few touches of originality or highly sophisticated, we help you make it happen.

Industrial, vintage 70 ‘s, Provençal, baroque … A quick overview of the most atypical kitchens in the Home Store catalog. In this dream setting, you will spend time behind the stove …

Contemporary cuisine: a bit of Barroco-Japanese?


Contemporary kitchens often display a strong character. “W. Emeraude” by Charles Rema is an elegant and confusing cuisine. Very “baroque”, it blows a breath of design in the most classic environments – as here in the heart of a Haussmannian building.

The furniture pushes the purity to its limits: the handles disappear in favor of a pressure system. The ultra thin and resistant worktop lets the bright red power of the lacquered base explode. Matte black blends with intense red in a very Japanese spirit. You will understand: the influences accumulate without ever bordering on overdose. Simplicity and sophistication are the hallmarks of contemporary cuisine. Can we count on you?

Vintage kitchen: the industrialist blows the steam

Pourquoi la cuisine ne serait-elle qu’un utilitaire ? Et si son installation devenait un challenge esthétique, voire une œuvre d’art à part entière ? C’est le pari de Marchi Cucine avec ses cuisines modulables vintages et industrielles.


The 1956 model thus plays the contrast card and combines metal with wood for a unique and sophisticated look. The kitchen starts from a traditional style and gains personality in the details and the choice of materials. Iron, nuts and rivets become trendy accessories that give character to the room. The hood, for example, takes the shape and characteristics of a WWII aircraft grille.

Its cosmopolitan design gives the impression of an artistic exhibition right in the house. The cuisine becomes an invitation to travel back in time: a foray into the great European capitals at the dawn of the 20th century.

Modern cuisine: the call of nature

Exotic, Scandinavian or Zen style, the use of wood in the kitchen is a timeless trend. The material appeals to designers around the world who create ever more beautiful universes, like poems in nature, directly housed in the habitat. The Hossegor kitchen by Teissa plays on modern shapes and clean lines. The bleached oak wood magnifies the light and the furniture.


It’s up to you to customize each part of the kitchen with colored handles or original accessories. This is the magic of wood: highly modular, you can supplement it with many materials, without altering its natural nobility.

Classic cuisine: the chic of tradition

Why do you want to be original at all costs? There is beauty in the classic and elegance in the tradition. For example, you can opt for a kitchen with a rustic – but chic – atmosphere, as offered by the Charles Réma collection of furniture. The Tenerife model offers simple and sober elements, arranged in a regular and smooth way.


Do you like rustic universes with more personality? English cuisine is a staple of the genre. Marchi Cucine offers an “Old England” model with solid wood furnishings. The material is enhanced by a white lacquer and handles in aged lation.
The little beauty touch? The steel hob features elegant gold details and contrasts with the wooden hood. Finally, the Carrara marble worktop is a stylish nail to this festival of noble materials. In short, a kitchen that exudes the charm of yesteryear.


Do you prefer a simpler style that is steeped in tradition? The Doralice kitchen combines marble and laminated wood for a country and Mediterranean effect. Solid walnut meets tiling by Sassi del Piave for a graceful – yet very rustic result.
An ideal and atypical style to pay homage to the gastronomies of the soil and the good peasant life.


And tutti quanti…

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Choosing a cuisine should come from the eye and the heart! Thanks to the modular system and our catalog of major brands, bring your projects to life.

And why not a Creole style cuisine? Glass kitchen? Or an Alice in Wonderland-style tea room to simmer your future recipes?

Whatever you want, you can make it real at Home Store. Create the cuisine that suits you by combining the quality products that we offer.
To inspire you, you can always visit the Home Store showroom and discover new atypical life-size kitchens. Can’t find your dream kitchen in our store? Don’t hesitate to ask our experts!


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