BathHeaterHeating : show and hot !

Heaters without any personality are a thing of the past. Today, they are sometimes surprising, always aesthetic. Even designers put their imagination to work. The proof with Alberto Meda for Tubes. And in addition, these radiators heat us efficiently ! Detail review.

From white to color

Matching your radiator to the decoration of a room is quite possible. Even better, it becomes itself a real decorative object which holds a privileged and essential place in our interiors. White still exists but it tends to mattify. It gives way to anthracite gray, black and the entire palette of beiges, from cream to rosé. Other colors are also available, the brands offering very complete color charts, like Acova and Atlantic.

From heating to art

It looks like a painting but it’s a heater. A heater that looks like a work of art. A great specialist in the field, Cinier realizes his contemporary models in Olycale stone (a natural stone from the French Pyrenees) and individually sign them by hand. Often vertical, his models sometimes adopt a triangular shape.
At Hora, the Grand Art collection also relies on personalization. The interchangeable decorative front of the heater allows everyone to choose the work that will make their device a real painting. The “Classic” and “Monolith” can even be installed indifferently in a horizontal or vertical position.

Straight lines versus sensual curves

Everything is allowed, design heaters play with shapes. Like contemporary furniture, they dare to use straight, tense and refined angles, and square pipes that give rhythm to their silhouette. Conversely, they can bet on sensual curves, rounded to become softer to the eye. In any case, they stand out as uncompromising decorative accessories and far from seeking shade, they put themselves in full light. Becoming objects of curiosity suits them !

Heating and heated towel rail

In the bathroom, the heating adopts two distinct but complementary functions; it heats the space and dries the bathroom linen. A dual objective that does not exclude style. Here again, the brands compete in inventiveness and offer various models, in multiple shapes (ovoid, ladder style, etc…). Delta Calor relies on the hinged heating, with part of the drying perpendicular to the wall. Comfort Calor has made enhanced moisture protection one of its workhorses. Between the two glass plates of its eponymous radiant panel, it includes an ultra-thin and waterproof electrical resistance. A product particularly recommended for wet rooms, bathrooms but also kitchens.

What wood are they made of ?

Don’t think cast iron heaters are old fashioned. Vintage still seduces and cast iron models, revisited in spirit, still have a bright future ahead of them. The material most used for central heating is nevertheless steel, followed by aluminum.
As for electric heating, aluminum which is sometimes associated with cast iron: a reliable and efficient duo. Rarer, Corian is a non-porous, stain resistant, durable high performance composite material available in a wide range of colors. Widely used by interior designers for kitchen worktops, it is now entering the world of heating. Atlantic has launched Irisium, a Corian heater that can be controlled remotely.

Price side

Performance, strength and aesthetics come at a cost. Everything will then depend on the model chosen, its possible customization. The price range is as wide as the choice of heaters. Count from 450 €, first price, to 6000 € (or even more) for an artist’s radiator.


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