GardenGarden trends : practical and fun !

Among the many trends that bloom this spring, here are five. With them, make way for a practical, aesthetic and humorous garden.

2 in 1

It comes to us from northern Europe and after having colonized public spaces, the picnic table with integrated benches is invited into our gardens. Round or rectangular, very convivial, it recalls the tables of rustic meals where family and friends settle down in a relaxed atmosphere.


From XS to XXL

Fixed in the ground or not, it is made of wood (iroko or Nordic pine) or powder-coated steel and aluminum. Some combine wood for the table top, perforated stainless steel for the center of the table top and galvanized steel for the legs and the frame. Others provide passageways at the 4 corners, which avoids trudging over the benches and disturbing the guests. Practical wink : it comes in several sizes and can accommodate up to 10 to 12 people. Festive wink : the model that allows you to lean on the table while standing or sitting down, always remaining at the right height (110 cm for the table and 80 cm of seat height). Comfortable wink: backrests and cushions, available for some models.

Aluminum structure and trays to choose from

Aluminum remains a safe bet. Corrosion resistant, it is not afraid of rain, snow or UV rays. Its strength and lightness make it an ideal material for garden table structures. For the top, several options, including 2 very popular this summer : porcelain stoneware and imitation waxed concrete.

  • Porcelain stoneware is a mixture of silica and clay, waterproof and non-porous, of incomparable resistance. Its advantage : it is available in a multitude of colors and patterns and thus allows you to create varied atmospheres.
  • The waxed concrete effect is obtained thanks to a decorative coating. Basically, the table top is in raw wood – or not -, in laminate or in melamine. Indispensable: the waterproofing to protect it and wash it off at will.
Outdoor rugs are fun !

The garden furniture has become a living room. We relax, we welcome and we arrange it as it deserves, with the greatest care. Rare not so long ago, the outdoor rug is becoming essential. With him, we polish a decoration, we perfect an atmosphere, we add that touch of originality that makes all the difference. Obviously, the outdoor rug is resistant to everything: bad weather, humidity, sunlight and heels. He doesn’t care about stains and maintaining them is child’s play.

Materials, shapes and colors, he dares everything

Of all the materials… it is the synthetic fiber that he prefers. In PVC, polyester / PVC and hemp, in vinyl and fiberglass or in 100% polyester, this rug is above all a technical feat. Varying shapes is another of its specificities. It is chosen square or rectangular to slide it under a table / chairs or coffee table / sofa / armchairs set. Round, it brings movement to a space. And depending on its size, you can even draw a carpet path leading from one corner to another. Whatever its dimensions, the outdoor rug is dressed in various colors and patterns. Plain, two-tone or multicolored, with geometric and graphic prints, with trompe-l’oeil designs or ethnic inspirations, this rug meets all our desires.

The choice of solar, it’s clear

Solar garden lights are appreciated as much for their practicality as they are aesthetic. Beacons, bollards, recessed spotlights and pucks, swimming pool lights, all have in common that they do not consume any electricity from the network. So to be economical. They also participate in the creation of atmospheres, more or less intimate. The latest in this world of solar lighting, the teak lantern.


Beautiful but not only
Stylish, it must be powerful enough to provide good lighting (12W minimum). It must also have sufficient autonomy, 11 hours minimum (20 hours, that’s perfect), be water resistant, have a solar panel with anti-UV treatment (for a better lifespan) and have batteries that can be changed. The ultimate : a teak solar lantern equipped with a presence detector. It is then 100% ecological and anti-light pollution.

Larger than life

They are the icing on the cake. The final touch that puts a high point in the decoration of the garden. Life-size or disproportionate, animals and fruits settle on the lawn, at the edge of a swimming pool, or at the turn of an alley. Surreal ? Yes and that’s good !

Hello calf, cow, pig…
Animal and plant decor is on the rise. We can find it funny, whimsical, kitsch or poetic, it is resolutely trendy. In the running, on one side: the lamb or the sheep, the cow or the pig, the heron or the tortoise of the Galapagos, the French or English bulldog. On the other : the apple, the pear or the cherries. And the winner is… The Bulldog ! Made from a mixture of polyester and artificial resin, polyresin or even ceramic, these hyper-realistic statues are resistant to shocks and bad weather. But in very cold and freezing weather, it is prudent to shelter them indoors or cover them with a tarp. So that, next summer, they will re-enchant the garden.


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