Closet and storageMarie Kondo's advice for successful storage (KonMari method)

You don’t like clutter, but still can’t store your things properly because you don’t have the technique? Don’t panic, Marie Kondo is here to help you!

Who is Marie Kondo ?

Marie Kondo is a Japanese woman who is passionate about a lot of things, but what she loves most of all is helping people !

She is a consultant in storage as well as in personal development and has written several books on these subjects.

She invented the KonMari method of drastically sorting out her closets. On Instagram, she brings together a community of 625,000 fans who follow her storage tutorials and her famous rectangle folding that made her famous. She also has her own show on Netflix.

“Living in a tidy house positively influences all other aspects of your life,” says Marie Kondo.

The KonMari method :
  • Rule 1 : commit to tidying up and doing it seriously
  • Rule 2 : imagine your ideal lifestyle
  • Rule 3 : sort by category, not location
  • Rule 4 : follow the correct order mentioned above
  • Rule 5 : ask yourself if this gives you joy
  • Rule 6 : take the time to thank each object before continuing with your decluttering

For Marie Kondo there’s no point in running, but you shouldn’t hang around either. You have to invest without being distracted. She insists on the fact that the storage is not done in 1 hour and advises to allow about 1 week.
Tidying up allows you to take stock of who you are and how you feel about each item. Sorting is undoubtedly the most important step in reorganizing your interior. Marie advises to proceed by category and not by room / place.

In order to gain a few precious square meters, Marie Kondo prefers folding to storage on a hanger or rolling certain clothes rather than folding them flat.
And what matters most to her is how it feels! If you are unsure whether you really want to keep this item or not, take it in your hands and ask yourself if it gives you a feeling of joy. If the answer is yes, keep it, if not, trash !

There you go, you are ready for the big storage !


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